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Bella Kitchen Doors

Bella Kitchen Doors

Made to Measure Bella Kitchen Doors, availabale in over 20 kitchen door styles and in over 35 kitchen door colours. Bella kitchen doors have over 700 combinations possible!

An exciting range of accessories including canopies, curved doors, glazed kitchen door options, handles, cornice & pelmet, wirework storage pull outs and much more.

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Bella Kitchen Doors

Bella Kitchen Doors

Replacement Kitchen Doors

Instead of buying a complete new kitchen you can transform the look of your existing kitchen by changing the doors and accessories. If your kitchen units are in good condition just change the doors – this will cost a fraction of the price of a new kitchen.

Replacing your kitchen doors is simple just measure the width and height in millimetres. Refer to our online kitchen door price list for a quotation. All diy replacement kitchen doors are made to measure, so we can produce non standard kitchen door sizes.

You don’t have to be a diy expert to change your kitchen doors and drawers, minimal tools are required. Select the door design from our website – the only variation in door price is between matt vinyl finish doors and hi gloss finish doors.

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